The NIL (Name Image Likeness) eco-system for brands, marketers, and college athletes

This summer, we witnessed a massive paradigm shift in college athletics. While the attention has been on the athletes, it is brands and marketers that will determine the success of NIL. We are creating the eco-system that enables brands and marketers to quickly identify opportunities, define their strategy, execute creative, and track business-level KPIs. The shelf-life of a college athlete is short. Speed is essential to make NIL work for brands, marketers, and athletes. . . learn more.

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Why do you need a Hire A College Athlete?

The marketing lifespan of a college athlete is short, maybe a season long. Speed & efficiency is key to creating effective NIL marketing.

What happens when 2nd String QB Becomes "The Starter?"

Injuries happen in all sports. If your main athlete goes down to injury, what do you do? We have the strategy, solutions, and technology to see brands and marketers through this situation.

How do I compensate talent?

We are modeling the entertainment, sports, and influencer industries to determine pay scales for athletes

How do you Monetize Memorable Moments?

We are building the platform to capture those memorable moments and turn them into marketing and business opportunities for brands and athletes.

How do we Structure Contracts and Work that Benefits All NIL Participants

The endorsement industry relies on a marketing eco-system that designs, packages, executes campaigns. We are building this marketing infrastructure.

"The headlines are all about cash payments to players. But, it will be the work of marketing strategists, creative talent, and fast legal processes that will make NIL endorsements viable in the future. Hire A College Athlete is building that foundation for the NIL economy."

- Michael Beaton, Founder of Hire A College Athlete

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